Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's been awhile...

...since my last post, but I've been busy with development for sure. I've finally gotten around to implementing a widget into my WoW Realm Checker app. It was certainly an adventure. My advice for those looking to make widgets that update automatically with data that also updates automatically...make your alarms distinct! I had two alarms and couldn't figure out why my data updates were going beserk, seemingly randomly. Make the starting intents unique by adding a field to them, like a string, so you can tell them apart when you receive an alarm. Lesson learned!

Also, I've recently released a version of my app for SWTOR. While similar, the data is scraped from HTML since they provide no API. It makes things a bit more memory intensive, but for all intents and purposes the app functions in a very similar manner. Please note that while queue times are a popular request this data is not available. Bioware and EA just don't publically publish this information so as of right now I have no way of displaying it. If a way of gathering this data arises you can be sure that I will update the app.

Also, improved French localization should be coming soon. To my surprise, France and Germany, whose localization was recently improved thanks to Lukren, make up over 50% of my SWTOR app usage. I would have never of guessed! Now I feel really bad for just using Google Translate for languages aside from English :(.

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