Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Notifications incoming!

I have been reading the comments people have been leaving, and believe me I do appreciate your feedback. Things got a bit busy, so I hadn't had much time to work on things until recently. Notifications are on the way! With notifications turned on you won't have to keep the app open to know when your realm(s) go on or offline. A toast will pop up notifying you whenever one of your favorite realms' status changes.

As far as a widget goes, I'm thinking about it. It's something I'd like to do soon, but I want to get notifications done first. Notifications are pretty much done, I just need to do some clean up and then testing before I release it live. Once that is all stable, I will start to fiddle around with a widget. My issue with widgets in general is that some phones tend to have weird issues with widgets, and I want to avoid having major issues with the app on phones that I can't test on. My testbed includes the Android Emulator and the HTC Droid Incredible...and that's it. Thus, testing in different environments isn't a luxury I have. I'll update as I go though.

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